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About us

Welcome we are your hosts – Mark (Father) and Joey (Son) Hetherman. We are sports fanatics who have been doing our Ultimate Sports Channel podcast for just over 8 months. The audience has grown quickly;

Over 996,000 on in total at the start of December and fans are watching on average 65% of our shows an excellent number for fan attention. 

Over 30,500 subscribers on (adding around 2,000 per month) and over 2,700 hours of streaming watched. 

As you know from the show my son Joey is a 22-professional golfer and after a 14-month layoff to overcome injury he is ready to play tournaments again. This will condense our time and make it impossible to do daily shows.

Therefore we are changing the podcast to a once per week 30-minute show for each of PGA (Mondays) NFL (Tuesdays), NBA, NHL, PGA, and other Sports on Mondays. Within the show, we feature our top 10 stories from the week passed. We are also launching an ULTIMATE HORSE RACING show that will cover the sport of Horse Racing in-depth and include wagering strategies as well.

HOWEVER, we will not leave you without your sports during the week as we will present videos of exciting and many times crazy things other people are doing in the name of sport but we will not host the show.

We will have a monthly $5.00 subscription that will get you all the shows.

In addition to subscribing to the channel, we are offering you some awesome bonuses, if you are able to support Joey including an amazing bonus for the top-level investors, which is a special package to the Masters when he achieves this honor.

We look forward to being your partner in sports.