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About us

Welcome we are your hosts – Mark (Father) and Joey (Son) Hetherman. We are sports fanatics who have been doing our Ultimate Sports Channel podcast for just over 8 months. WE HAVE NOW MOVED TO TWITCH TO DO A LIVE STREAMING SHOW

The PODCAST audience has grown quickly; Over 1,200,000 views on in total at the start of June 2020 and fans are watching on average 65% of our shows an excellent number for fan attention. 

Over 30,500 subscribers on (adding around 2,000 per month) and over 2,700 hours of streaming watched.

We hope to explode onto the streaming scene on Twitch TV as an alternative to Video Game Playing. 

We stream daily with our Ultimate Sports Channel Shows (Mondays and Wednesdays) We have Horse Racing every Thursday through Saturday, we play KNOCKOUT POKER Monday through Thursday, and we take Sunday OFF to watch all the sports for our Monday SHOW.

We look forward to being your partner in sports.